New Worthing eco hotel opens for business - 'Revolutionizing the industry'

A unique eco hotel has become the latest addition to Sussex's thriving hospitality scene – and is turning heads with its innovative approach.

In a million pound project, 37 Richmond Road has been revitalised to provide nine guest accommodation rooms with related facilities. The site – originally built as a grand wash house – has been returned to its 1910 civic stature.

Known as Sleep, the hotel will combine a carbon neutral business providing tourism and employment whilst also ‘restoring and protecting’ the building for ‘many future generations’.

"Sleep is not just another hotel; it's a groundbreaking concept,” Worthing businessman, and the man behind the venture, Andy Sparsis said.

“The establishment ushers in a modern hotel experience that puts guests in complete control of their stay.

"Bid farewell to the inconvenience of time-consuming check-ins and check-outs. Thanks to a seamless online platform, Sleep offers guests effortless room access through digital entrance door codes, ensuring they maximize their precious time and relish unparalleled freedom and flexibility throughout their stay.”

Andy said in February that the hotel would be rescuing a ‘beautiful building’, which ‘otherwise would have been lost’, adding: “We are restoring it back to its former glory.”

"I’ve had this idea for ages and we’ve got a good chance to change tourism. We chose Worthing for this project – it’s a good town with great people.”

Andy said Worthing has a ‘lack of alternative accommodation’ and claimed tourism suffers ‘because it doesn’t encourage enough of the newer type of travellers’.

The restaurateur said Sleep is unique because of its ‘unwavering commitment to straightforward comfort and quality’.

“As a trailblazing newcomer, Sleep is revolutionizing the industry with its innovative online check-in and virtual experience,” Andy said.

"These cutting-edge features provide guests with an easy and convenient way to navigate their stay.”

In ‘moments when guests require assistance, Sleep has introduced a 24/7 helpline called Pillow Talk.

"The dedicated team is ever-ready to provide support, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience for all visitors,” Andy said.

"Whether you're seeking restaurant recommendations or a good book to read, the team is available around the clock so you don't have to be.”

In collaboration with the LOCASE Green Growth Fund, Sleep has initiated efforts that save 14 tons of carbon annually.

As an all-electric hotel, Sleep conserves energy through room sensors and provides bamboo toilet paper.

Andy continued: “Sleep is more than just a place to stay; it's a gateway to maximizing the experience of visiting the charming town of Worthing.

"The establishment has partnered with independent bars and restaurants to offer pre-loaded discounts in town, directing guests to some of Worthing locals' favourites.

"For those seeking adventure, Sleep has teamed up with Marmalad MTB to explore fantastic rides in the beautiful national park and along the stunning beachfront. All these details can be found on our website or signposted through links to resources like Time for Worthing – the comprehensive lifestyle guide to the wonderful beach town of Worthing.”

To book a stay with the hotel, call 01903 250351 or email [email protected].

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