What is the future of Cisswood House Hotel? - This is what we know

A public outpouring of sorrow followed the sudden closure of the Cisswood House Hotel near Horsham this week.

The hotel announced on Tuesday that it had ceased trading as a result of the ongoing Covid pandemic.

And while it is not yet known what the future holds for the Lower Beeding hotel, it has in the past put forward a number of suggestions for change.

Back in 2015 the hotel sought plannning permission from Horsham District Council to demolish some staff accommodation and build two blocks of flats, one block of 25 flats and another of 12.

Cisswood House Hotel. Photo: Derek Martin

The council refused to grant approval and a subsequent appeal was also rejected.

In August 2019, plans to demolish a staff block and build two blocks of 30 flats on the site were also turned down.

And months later, in December 2019, another application to demolish the hotel and build 50 flats was also refused.

In March last year, proposals were put forward to build a two-storey block of 20 flats.

Cisswood House Hotel. Photo: Derek Martin

But Horsham District Council’s planning portal shows no decision being made.

The 51-bed hotel - with large grounds, a leisure club and beauty salon - has always been a popular wedding venue and regularly staged musical ‘tribute nights.’

Many members of the public have taken to social media to share their sorrow at the hotel’s sudden closure and their memories of happy events held there in the past.