Where is The Repair Shop filmed? And all you need to know about repair cafes in Sussex

Make do and mend has seen a resurgence in recent years with people trying to fix what they have rather than buy new.

There has also been a rise in popularity of shows like BBC's The Repair Shop which sees people take their prized possessions to experts for a new lease of life.

Where is The Repair Shop filmed?

Here in Sussex at the Weald and Downland Museum near Chichester.

Picture: Pixabay

In the last ten years there has been a boom in repair cafes.

But what are they and how can you get involved?

Who started repair cafes?

It was founded by Martine Postma who opened the first one in Amsterdam in 2009.

She was creating a guide for the local community with tips on how people could produce less waste, she found that many of the tips were centred on repair and prolonging the life of items people already had in the home.

In 2019 there were almost 1,700 Repair Cafés in 35 countries.

“If something is broken, the first reaction should be: this should be mended.” - Martine Postma

How many are there in the UK?


What is a repair cafe?

It is where people go to repair broken household items. The meetings are free, although you can give a voluntary contribution, and tools are provided.

What happens there?

You visit the welcome or reception desk and will be given a form to fill in so you can tell them what sort of repair is needed.

Your repair will be allocated to a category e.g. electrical, general, textile or bicycle and you will be called when it’s your turn.

Meanwhile you can relax with tea/coffee and cake.

You may have to book an appointment, check out your local repair cafe's website or social media pages.

What can I take to a repair cafe?

Clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys

Who runs them?

Volunteers. So if you are an expert in a particular field you can volunteer to repair items for people, or make teas and serve cakes for people as they wait.

How can I set up a repair cafe?

You can find information here

Are they open?

Many are closed due to the pandemic but visit your local repair cafe's Facebook or website for more information. Some are taking appointments for items to be fixed in volunteer's homes.

More information can also be found on the Repair Cafe website

Where can I find a local repair cafe?

CHAILEY REPAIR CAFÉ: “drop off” service continues. Let them know (at [email protected]) the make and model number of the item, exactly what has gone wrong, along with a good quality photograph or two, and they will see if there is a volunteer able to assist. If there is they will advise you of the volunteer’s address, so you can drop it on their doorstop. You then collect it, paying for any parts required, and are invited to make a donation toward the Café. Please be aware the volunteer who takes on your repair might not be just down the road from you but with a bit of luck they won’t be too far away.


DROPPING OFF AND CARRYING ON at Heathfield Repair Café. Even though we are not able to open the Repair Café at the moment there is a way in which we can offer a service. This is how it will work: you email us at [email protected] We put your repair enquiry out to our volunteers and anyone who is prepared to take it on will contact you and give you their address. You drop it on their doorstep and they tell you when it is fixed. You then collect it, paying for any parts required and we invite you to make a donation towards the Repair Café. That’s all there is to it! For more information see www.facebook.com/RepairCafeTN21