Worthing revealed as one of the best UK locations for vegan and vegetarian takeaways

Worthing has been named the fifth best place in the UK for vegetarian and vegan takeaways.

That's according to rental experts at UNCLE, which has looked at 100 cities across the UK that offer takeaway service to reveal just how many of those are vegetarian and vegan.

Worthing came fifth in the list, with 2.99 per cent of all takeaways catering for vegans and 1.99 per cent catering for vegetarians.

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It wasn't the only Sussex town on the list. It was joined by Crawley (sixth) and Brighton (ninth).

Worthing town centre. Photo: Eddie Mitchell

The ten best UK locations for vegetarian and vegan takeaways, in order, were; Derry; London; Milton Keynes; Cardiff; Worthing; Crawley; Ipswich; Cambridge; Brighton and York.

Derry is the best location for vegan takeaways, with five per cent of all takeaway restaurants catering for vegans.

Following on from that, London and Milton Keynes are the next best locations for vegan and vegetarian takeaways, with over three per cent of all restaurants catering for vegans, with London vegetarian restaurants taking up two per cent of all takeaways in the city.

The best location for a vegetarian takeaway restaurant is Crawley, with nearly 3 per cent of all takeaways offering vegetarian options.

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