Coronavirus: Stagecoach relaxes rules for elderly and vulnerable in West Sussex

Stagecoach has announced it will temporarily relax some time restrictions for the benefit of elderly and vulnerable passenger.
Stagecoach stock imageStagecoach stock image
Stagecoach stock image

The bus company Stagecoach South has announced that it is working in partnership with local authorities to temporarily relax time restrictions on concessionary travel across Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex to allow travel for the elderly and vulnerable early in the morning as the coronavirus epidemic continues.

The local authorities involved are Hampshire County Council, Surrey County Council, West Sussex County Council, Portsmouth City Council and Brighton & Hove Council.

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It comes as supermarkets make special arrangements for exclusive early morning shopping times for these people.

Previously, concessionary bus travel was not permitted during the morning rush-hour, but in response to coronavirus the bus firm has agreed with the local authorities to allow those who have the passes to travel earlier so they can get to the shops to buy food and essentials.

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “Whilst we recognise these are challenging times, we know people rely on our services and we provide a vital lifeline for the elderly and vulnerable customers.

“So, in line with other businesses, such as supermarkets making special allowances for exclusive access to food and services, working in partnership with our local authorities, we will be temporarily allowing concessionary bus travel any time of day".