Developers to test out 5G in Brighton

Digital leaders and experts will attend a national 5G testbed in Brighton, allowing developers to showcase cutting-edge mobile technologies.

5G allows for new forms of previously impossible mobile content
5G allows for new forms of previously impossible mobile content

5G allows for incredibly fast, invisible connectivity, enabling new forms of previously impossible mobile content.

The new technology allows for virtual reality experience (VR) and augmented reality applications (AR) to be combined with high broadband, for example.

4G mobile networks have a latency while using AR/VR apps which causes motion sickness, an obstacle which will be removed by 5G

Wired Sussex, a group supporting digital and media business across the county, said: “5G is an incredibly fast, always-on wireless mobile technology with almost zero latency.

“However, it is not just an evolution of 2G, 3G, 4G – but a revolutionary enabling technology that will support game-changing new digital products and services.”

According to an Ericsson mobility report published last year, the average monthly data consumed by smartphones will increase from 1.4GB to 8.9GB by 2021.

5G technology will provide faster, more stable connectivity to support the data increase and development of place-based technologies like driverless cars and connected smart cities.

Other avenues of innovation that 5G opens up include cloud computing, network slicing and edge computing.

The 5G Brighton testbed will take place at the FuseBox which provides small and medium sized businesses within the region the opportunity to develop new products, services and experiences utilising 5G.

There will be opportunities for visitors to test out some of the new immersive technologies being developed in the region.

A capital investment of £1.2 million is being provided to build the testbed by Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) which won the funding from the government’s Local Growth Fund. Information about how the technology will be implemented by 2020 and how it can be accessed by users will also be revealed at the event.

The event, held by Coast to Capital LEP and the Digital Catapult starts a 6pm on Wednesday, September 26 at The Fusebox, New England House.