Draw of the '˜dog in the window' gives small businesses a boost

Having a pet on the payroll can boost the income of small shops by £60 million, according to new research from Brighton employer American Express.

Peggy in her owners florist, Florian in Brighton
Peggy in her owners florist, Florian in Brighton

In the run up to Small Business Saturday (December 2), the research revealed how a ‘shop dog’, like Peggy and Audrey at Brighton florist Florian, can boost sales for small business owners.

It said the draw of a ‘doggie in the window’ is so irresistible that more than eight million Brits say they would spend £6.86 more with a retailer when there’s a pet on the shop floor.

Nikki Edelman, director at American Express, said: “It might seem unconventional but it appears that business owners who bring their pets to work have the perfect company asset. The presence of a dog can be a great ice breaker for tentative browsers and can even entice new customers through the front door.

"However, whether you are an animal lover, pet owner or neither, we encourage everyone to paws for thought this Small Business Saturday and show their support for local independents by shopping small.”