Experts said Bognor Pie Man Phil Turner would be fired in The Apprentice this week: How did he get on?

The Bognor pie man went into this task with a lot of critics, with experts even suggesting that this week may be his last in the process, but how did he get on?
Pie man Phil Turner.Pie man Phil Turner.
Pie man Phil Turner.

In week three of The Apprentice, series 18, the candidates were tasked to create a new virtual escape room to pitch to industry experts. The candidates were greeted by Lord Sugar in virtual reality form at the Outernet, in London.

This is London's most visited attraction and they offer immersive entertainment bringing together breath-taking arts, culture and music experiences for all the family. The boys and girls teams were mixed in this episode, with the lads losing all of the tasks so far.

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Phil Turner’s team didn’t seem to have the clearest idea for a VR game, and had more ideas than needed it seemed. Alan Sugar’s Aide Tim Campbell MBE commented on this, saying: “The aim is to make good escape room is for it to be simple, but well thought out.”

They looked to have a very confusing idea with too much going on, but were they to be successful in producing it? The Bognor businessman was put on the game development side. Their game saw the player escape an island, to collect items to help them and reach a new area.

The game itself was outlandish to say the least, and looked rough around the edges in comparison to the other team. The opposing team created a game to help stop the plague in a village, which looked admittedly easy and simple.

Phil Turner was put forward as the sub-team leader to get audience-targeted feedback for a game trailer they produced and the gaming experience itself. One reviewer called the video ‘boring’ and anthoer when asked how long they’d play the game for said ‘I’d give it five minutes then ask for a refund.’

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Phil and his sub-team watched on as the rest of his group gave a presentation to industry experts for the game. How did it go you may ask? Shockingly. They first expressed to the panel that the game was in a ‘demo’ phase, immediately discrediting and lacking belief in the product presented to the game professionals.

Phil Turner even commented whilst watching on, saying: “They’ve basically just said ‘this is a bit crap’”.

The experts started laughing throughout the play-through of the game and called it ‘bananas’. Their team lost the task and Dr Asif Munaf was fired. Phil’s going to need a win sooner rather than later to stay in this competition. To sum up his role in this week’s task, the word ‘quiet’ comes to mind.

He was unable to make a big impact and did not produce any of the key ideas in the game concept and lacked enthusiasm in the final edit. It is worth mentioning that Phil has expertise in the food industry and not the gaming one, but even in tasks tailored to him, he has underperformed thus far. The Bognor Regis based candidate owns a bakery chain dating back to the 1930s called Turner’s Pies.

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