The Burger Shack team in Bexhill. (left to right) Lewis Rooney with Edward, one of the chefs, and cashiers Daisy and Emily. SUS-211117-145119001

Deliveroo reveals the most popular takeaway dish in Bexhill - see pictures

The most popular delivered takeaway dish in Bexhill is a burger made from 100% Sussex beef, according to new data from Deliveroo.

By Alex Watts
Friday, 19th November 2021, 1:26 pm

The food delivery company launched in the Bexhill area a few months ago - and says the Shack Deluxe burger from The Burger Shack in The Mall, on Western Road, is their most popular ordered dish in town.

The burger costs £7.50 and is made up of a 6oz Sussex beef patty, salad, cheese, bacon and a choice of sauce - from a list including house red chutney, chilli, BBQ, and house burger sauce.

The burger is made of 100% beef with a little salt and pepper added, and is cooked on a charcoal grill. The team behind The Burger Shack also do charcoal-grilled chicken breast burgers, cod fillet burgers, vegan burgers and halloumi burgers. They say all their relishes, salads and slaws are freshly made each day, and they buy all their ingredients from local suppliers.

Deliveroo, which launched in 2013, says people in Bexhill “can’t get enough of at-home delivery” and the most popular time for them to order is 8.15pm on Saturday nights. Its new data reveals people in the area love American food the most, followed by Mexican.

The second most popular dish is the Boneless Banquet (made up of three chicken breast mini fillets, popcorn chicken, fries, a side, a dip and a drink) from KFC, then a Large Meal (made up of a footlong sub sandwich, a side dish and drink) from Subway. Fourth is a pint of semi-skimmed milk from the Co-op. And fifth on the list is nachos with guacamole, salsa and sour cream from Croq Adil in Buckhurst Place, Bexhill.

Deliveroo says 60% of the food outlets on its Bexhill list are local independent companies “helping to create new revenue streams for homegrown culinary talent”.

As a special discount, Deliveroo is offering all new customers £10 off their first two orders when they use the code NEWROOTOWN11 and spend £15 or more per order.

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