Second hand record shop opening in Felpham

“The whole pandemic made me realise I’m not getting any younger. If I don’t do something like this soon, I’ll take it to my deathbed wishing I’d done it.”

So said Peter Graham Rollinson, owner of Rolly’s Records, a new second hand record shop which will be opening up on 79 Felpham Road in the next few weeks.

The 63-year-old, a lifelong music fan, said he has always wanted to open a record shop but couldn’t convince himself to take the risk until earlier this year, when the former occupants of the shop unit, King and Chasemore, suddenly vacated. “It was just an idea opportunity because it allowed me to continue working as an accountant, and also own a record shop. It was just circumstance- everything just sort of fell into place.”

Like all good record shop owners, Mr Robinson has a wide musical palette and an interest in all things analogue: “I go back to the late 60s, early 70s and the one that’s stuck with me is David Bowie, of course. But really, I’ve got pretty eclectic tastes. I’ll listen to anything.”

Peter Graham Rollinson outside the shop on 79 Felpham Road

That’s something he hopes to extend to his catalogue, giving customers a chance to find anything and everything; “It’s a bit of a mixed bag. Mainly rock and pop through the decades- from the 50s right through to the 90s. I’ve also got a bit of reggae and some film and TV soundtracks, but we’re trying to focus really on the rock and the pop.”

More than anything, Mr Rollinson says, Rolly’s Records is about sharing his passion with the world, about celebrating music as best he can for as long as he can: “We really want people to come in and engage with what we’re trying to do. If they want to come in and not buy any records but they want to have a little listen to some music, they can do. I know there are a lot of older people out there who used to have vinyl, but had to throw it away. So it’s a bit of a nostalgia trip and if you want to come in and play a record, you can sit down and have a little listen. I just want people to come in and fee the vibe, really. Listen to a few tracks and go away with a smile on their face.”

Mr Rollinson hasn’t decided on an opening date yet, but hopes to be up and running within the next few weeks.