Angmering children plan fashion show to demonstrate kindness

​​Inspired by people who have changed the world, children at an Angmering school planned a fashion show to demonstrate kindness.

The year-two pupils at St Margaret's CE Primary School made a video about children's rights to teach others about kindness, having felt inspired to make a difference.

The children made their own costumes and planned and performed in their own kindness fashion show.

Headteacher Michael Jee said: "This was a wonderful project for the children that not only helped develop their sense of expression but also their social conscience for a fairer, kinder world.”

The children are hoping to be recognised by Blue Peter with a silver kindness badge. They are also continuing to think of ways to stand out.

Nerys Hills and Amy Hayward, year-two teachers, said: "The year two children at St Margaret’s have been influenced by people who have changed the world. They have felt inspired to make a difference in their own community.

"They decided to put on a spectacular fashion show for their school to teach them all about kindness. From making their own costumes, to making a video about children’s rights to finally strutting their stuff on the catwalk, they blew everybody away.

"They have been exploring the question ‘Is it better to stand out or fit in?’. They learned they all have a unique identity that deserves to be celebrated. They wanted to use their voices and creativity to stand up for themselves and others."

Each child wrote their own inspirational quote and parents said everyone was brilliant.Jonah said: "Kindness is good because it can make people feel better and make people feel happy."

Ava said: "To change the World use these values: Kindness, resilience, love, joy and teamwork and make sure that kindness can change the World."

One parent said: "I absolutely loved the insightful comments at the beginning. It was such a big question they had to consider but key in getting them to think beyond themselves. Well done for tackling this big topic in a creative and empowering way.”

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