Making Christmas wonderful and inspiring for those less fortunate

I have just returned home after helping out at the Bentswood Christmas Party which is held for families living in the Bentswood area of Haywards Heath.

This is a really inspiring event as it is held primarily for children who do not always have as good a Christmas as their friends.

Seeing the looks of happiness and excitement on those children’s’ faces when they realise their present is something they asked for in their letters to Santa, is worth so much.

It is organised by Anna and Gordon Sharkey who live in the area and who manage to get the whole event covered with donations of presents, catering and entertainment as well as in kind from local helpers. The work that goes into making this the success it is, is huge and is down, in the main, to Gordon and Anna as well as the wonderful donations from both companies and local people.

This is what Christmas and local communities is about and it is wonderful to be a part of it.

Barbara Lank

Wilmington Way

Haywards Heath