Schools across Eastbourne celebrate GCSE results day

Eastbourne students have opened their GCSE results today (Thursday, August 12) after another disrupted year due to the covid pandemic.

Bede's students left to right: Flossie Wilson, Thea Adams, Grace Watkins and Chloe Hanson SUS-211208-121332001

A spokesperson for Causeway School said the school “is very pleased to celebrate the GCSE achievements of all of our students in what has been another challenging year for our young people and we are so proud of them.”

The school said students Amber Croft, Ivan Chen, Natasha Khansai, Dallas Payne, Daisy Strath Sophie James, Ronnie Chiquito, Connor Kennedy and Connor Treacher did particularly well with wonderful results in English literature, geography, history, art and science.

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The spokesperson said, “We are so impressed with their success and resilience during the last two years and couldn’t be prouder of their achievements.

GCSE Results: Willingdon Community College SUS-211208-111826001

“As a result of the students’ hard work we have every student placed at college or in an apprenticeship which is so important for them in this challenging climate.

“The students and staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure they achieved the results they need to move onto their next stage in their academic careers. We wish them every success for the future.”

Cavendish School said pupils have achieved “fantastic” results.

Headteacher Peter Marchant said, “The grades that our pupils have achieved are a reflection of their hard work throughout their time at the school and they can rightly feel proud of what they have achieved through these challenging times. They can look forward to the next stage of their education and we wish them well for the future.

St Catherine's College GCSE results SUS-211208-111641001

“A large number of pupils achieved very strong grades and made great progress but a special mention goes to Madhuri Tambyrajah, Abi Loshaj, Amelie Jackson, Lauren Freitas, Christina Ruggiero and Aman Kumar who gained grades 8 or 9 in all of their qualifications.”

Eastbourne Academy’s spokesperson said, “The staff and governors wish to congratulate all of the students and also thank parents and carers for the valuable part they have played in supporting their child during these challenging times.”

Headteacher Victoria Stevens said, “The strength of character that the class of 2021 have shown will provide them with a solid foundation for long term success. They should be incredibly proud of their achievements and we wish them happiness and fulfilment in their futures.

Ms Stevens gave a special mention to Alastair Ewen, Faith Moloney, Kaci Lawrence, Reegan Robertson, Heather Whitmore, Samantha Warrington, James Vinson, Samantha Upton, Kayleigh Sandell and Robert Cloran.

Gildredge House couldn’t name individuals as “there are many that have achieved incredible progress, achieved the highest grades and fulfilled their ambition to access courses at the next stage,” a spokesperson for the school said.

The spokesperson said, “With significant disruption to learning due to the pandemic, we are incredibly proud of how well students embraced online learning and overcame the challenges presented to them. This has enabled our students to achieve an impressive set of results, preparing them for the next stage of their educational journey.

“We look forward to seeing those that are returning to Gildredge House sixth form in September and wish those that are studying elsewhere the best of luck for the future.”

Hailsham Community College celebrated GCSE and BTEC results.

A spokesperson for the college said, “Liam Sales, Chloe Bishop, and Louise Bloor were the top performing students in the college, achieving some of the highest possible grades in every subject they studied.

“Other students who performed exceptionally well include Poppy Sanderson, Freddie Cottingham, Ekaterina Lindley, Alexander Thatcher, Scarlet Lawrence, Jessica Gillett, Holly Barnett, Jessica Austin, Paige Forster and Betsy Cowell.”

Phil Matthews, the executive principal of Hailsham Community College, said, “It has been an incredibly challenging time for all of our young people and due to circumstances completely out of their control and we are immensely proud of their resilience, hard work and achievements, especially after such a difficult and disruptive year.

“I would also like to acknowledge the teachers who have worked tirelessly in support of the students to ensure they are able to progress onto further education and study.”

A Ratton School spokesperson said students showed “tenacity, maturity, and determination to do the very best they can in the most challenging circumstances over the last two years.

“They really have made us very proud indeed, and we have all enjoyed working with them so much. It really has been a team effort, and I would also like to thank all staff at Ratton School for their unwavering support and expertise which has allowed our students to take the next steps post-16 and beyond.

“Good luck – we shall miss you!”

The school gave a special mention to Frida Henze-Jones, Emily Burke, Sophie Drakely, Oliver Goodchild, Brooke Nicholls, Billy Smith, Ella Harris, Sebastian Wardle, Lara Vaney, Grace Maktelow and Aisha Barrie.

Seaford Head School headteacher Bob Ellis said, “Our students deserve great credit for their fortitude in dealing with entirely new assessment arrangements, as do our amazing staff for implementing this system at great speed in response to government announcements.

“After the amazing A-level results we saw published on Tuesday, it has been a fantastic week for our school.”

Three students achieved grade 9s in eight or more subjects – Ava Hall-Zschenderlein, Matthew Hind and Patrick Brackenridge.

Four students were also mentioned for making the most overall progress since joining the school – Sophia Watts, Erin Peckham-Sells, Jemima Furminger and James Jenkins.

St Catherine’s College spokesperson said, “The students cheerfully stayed for extra daily lessons after school throughout their final year. The staff at St Catherine’s College are incredibly proud of their outstanding achievements.

A record number achieved the highest grades. Particular congratulations to Aaron Adams, Naomi Barrett, Ailsa Cameron, Joshua Capper, Tara Maunga, Sophia Pawley, Catherine Ruffell and Hanna Siddique who all achieved 11 of the prestigious grade 8s and 9s.

“We are blessed to have worked with such a lovely group of students and we pray for their success in the future.”

Willingdon Community School headteacher Emily Beer said, “Despite facing huge challenges and national uncertainty over the last two academic years, this cohort has consistently demonstrated ambition, maturity and resilience. We would like to thank the parent body for their support and our students for their hard work.”

Several students were noted to have made “exceptional progress” at the school including Erin Wilkins, Kyla Francis, Jessica Stevens, Michael Carr, Holly Matthews and Malac Kayyali. Jessica Coupland was student who achieved the highest grades with eight 9s.

Eryn Greenaway, Ben Burgess, Katie Barclay and Lucy Pitfield also achieved very high grades.

A number of Willingdon students got a scholarship for Eastbourne College as a result of their grades – Matthew Wakefield, Jessica Coupland and Darcey Gibson.

Eastbourne College’s spokesperson said grade 9, the highest possible grade, was the most achieved across its students.

Headmaster Tom Lawson said, “It’s been another fantastic day of results here at Eastbourne College for our pupils getting their GCSE results.

“We’re enormously proud of our pupils’ achievements, especially considering the challenges of the past 18 months. For grade 9 to be the most achieved grade is wonderful news.

“Huge congratulations to all our GCSE pupils, and also those who received their A-level results this week. We’re delighted that 71 per cent of students achieved the grades needed to get in to their first choice of university.”