Warning from East Sussex fire service ahead of schools reopening

The fire service has told people to be cautious around school run times ahead of children going back next week.

Schools will be reopening on March 8 as part of the first stage of the road map out of lockdown restrictions.

In preparation for this, East Sussex Fire & Rescue is urging people to be cautious when driving, walking or cycling at school run times.

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Susan Taylor, the service’s water and road safety coordinator, said, “With children and teenagers mostly studying at home during lockdown, we’ve all become accustomed to the roads being much quieter and hence safer but once there is a full return to school, there is likely to be more traffic and consequently more road accidents.”

The fire service said hundreds of children under 15 are killed or seriously injured on Sussex roads every year.

To help prevent further accidents the service has asked people to follow these tips:

• If you or your children are cycling, wear a helmet, use lights and wear bright colours to ensure you are visible.

• If your children walk to school with friends, teach them to always check for cars before crossing and not to assume that a friend has already done this.

• If you are in a car, anticipate more cyclists and pedestrians than usual.

• Always check for cyclists before opening your car door.

• Drive according to the weather and surroundings – drive slower in rainy conditions or built-up areas.

• If you haven’t been driving for a while, remember to check the state of your vehicle, especially the tyres, fuel, oil and water, and take extra care when driving.

For more on road safety, please see: https://www.esfrs.org/your-safety/safer-roads/