Amy Hart tells Loose Women she will be freezing her eggs due to early menopause concerns

Former Love Island contestant Amy Hart from Worthing said she will be freezing her eggs due to fears she may be facing early menopause.

The 27-year-old appeared on Loose Women this afternoon (January 17) to raise awareness about her situation, which many women in the UK face, and the fertility options open to them as part of the show's fertility week.

Amy said she recently went for a fertility 'MOT', in which the doctor did an internal scan of her ovaries and a blood test to check her Anti-Müllerian hormone, or AMH, levels. While her ovaries were normal, her hormone levels came back at 8.5 - with 20 being the optimum level.

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Amy Hart on Loose Women this afternoon (December 17). Picture: ITV

Love Island: Amy Hart cheers on fellow Worthing contestant Connor DurmanAs her mother Sue went through the menopause aged 44, and her grandmother and aunt at 42 - all classified as early menopause by the NHS - Amy decided she will have her eggs frozen in the coming months, despite saying she had never had any problems with her periods.

She said the intensive treatment involved ten days of injections 'to make your hormones go into overdrive' and being put under general anaesthetic for them to be harvested.

She said: "I did always think I could do whatever I want, my 20s are for me and my 30s are for having kids. Lovely. And then you go, 'oh actually, that isn't my decision, that is my body's decision'.

"I would love to meet someone, get married, have kids naturally, fine. That is my dream idea. But if that doesn't happen, I have got my insurance policy."

Amy Hart on Loose Women with the panellists this afternoon (December 17). Picture: ITV

According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the whole process for egg freezing and thawing costs an average of £7,000 to £8,000, and it has a fairly low level of success; in 2017, 19 per cent of IVF treatments using a patient’s own frozen eggs resulted in a baby being born.

Loose Women anchor Kaye Adams questioned Amy's decision. She said: "The NHS doesn't provide this service and they don't particularly recommend it. Look: you are 27, maybe you just need to chill out and let things go a little bit."

But fellow panellist Stacey Solomon, who also had a family history of early menopause, supported Amy's decision. She said she had considered having the treatment herself, and that there was an argument that the NHS should provide egg freezing treatments to women with a proven family history of early menopause.

According to the NHS website, early menopause happens when a woman's periods stop before the age of 45.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the menopause, such as hot flushes or night sweats, it recommended seeing a GP. For further advice, click here.