Conquest Hospital staff given free refurbished bicycles

Staff at the Conquest Hospital have been given free refurbished bicycles to help them commute to and from work.
Chinedu Ikedinma, a staff nurse at Conquest Hospital, with his new bicycleChinedu Ikedinma, a staff nurse at Conquest Hospital, with his new bicycle
Chinedu Ikedinma, a staff nurse at Conquest Hospital, with his new bicycle

The scheme - a collaboration between Sustrans, Hastings Bike Lab and East Sussex NHS Trust (ESHT) - has seen a total of 20 bicycles refurbished and given to employees.

The project follows on from similar initiatives delivered by Sustrans and East Sussex County Council Cycle Training in Peacehaven, Eastbourne and Hastings, which has seen almost 150 bikes distributed to key workers across the county.

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Kieron Pelling, the Hospital Trust’s Healthy Transport Active Travel Officer, who helped to distribute the bikes to staff said: "This is an excellent initiative which has provided 20 ESHT staff with the means to travel to work without using a car.

“Active travel provides many long-term health benefits to those participating as well as helping to improve our environment.”

Tim Godwin, who runs Hastings Bike Lab said: “The volunteers at Bike Lab Hastings are pleased to have worked with Sustrans to deliver these bikes to NHS staff at the Conquest Hospital to provide a healthy and clean transport option."

Chinedu Ikedinma, a staff nurse at Conquest Hospital said, “The Sustrans bike is the perfect match for me as it suits my height and makes cycling uphill easier. Cycling helps me to get quickly to work and helps me maintain a healthy weight. I am really grateful for this kind gesture".

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Helen Kellar, Sustrans Delivery Coordinator said: “With new measures being brought in to support active travel nationally, we are at an exciting cross roads and have a once in a generation opportunity to deliver a lasting transformative change in how we make short journeys in our towns and cities.

The project is funded by East Sussex County Council, as part of the Active Access for Growth, which aims to encourage behavioural change by promoting active travel to local schools and workplaces.