Community pulls together for Bognor Regis man expected to spend his last days in lockdown

A Bognor Regis man who has been told he will spend his final moments in lockdown has had a fundraiser set up in his name.

Whiteways resident Spencer Chapman, 43, was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer, an illness his family had thought was appendicitis when he was first diagnosed in October last year.

Lockdown and special steps being taken at hospitals to stop the spread of Covid-19 have meant Spencer's family are unable to visit as much as they would like to.

His girlfriend of five years and mother to their 16-month-old boy Obie, Lynsey Southerton said the situation is difficult with many of his family unable to see him.

Lynsey, Obie and Spencer

She said: "Some days are worse than others. He gets really tired, it's just not nice. He's got so many friends and he is so loved but they can't see him because there is only two people allowed in during the day."

Earlier this month, doctors found lumps on Spencer's stomach which doctors told him had gone into his stomach lining. He was told the risk of removing the tumor was too high. Since then the cancer spread to his liver.

"I just feel like this cancer has stolen so much stuff from us and I have to be the strong one," Lynsey said, "Because of the virus, before that you could go any time, 24 hours, but because of [the virus] it is now 11-3pm and only two visitors a day.

"Before he went in when we were at home we were told he had to stay two metres away from us - he couldn't pick his son up.

"It has been really difficult because it makes you feel disconnected from each other so it is tough."

Friends have set up a fundraiser for Spencer's family to help them financially after he dies.

It was set up by friend James Gibbens and, at the time of writing, has raised more than £6,000.

Lynsey added: "They set it up because after Spencer goes, it is money to go to the children. When he found out everything, he didn't have life insurance or anything like that.

"I'm not going to be able to find work until after this is finished. We will be able to do things he wants and we will be safe and secure.

"I'm quite speechless about it all because it is such a nice thing to do."

Find out more about the Go Fund Me page here: Showing Spencer The Love