Horsham GP urges people ‘don’t worry, stay sensible and take up the vaccine’ amid slight rise in covid cases

A Horsham GP is urging people to stay calm and take the vaccine when they are offered it amid a slight rise in covid cases.

Dr David Holwell, senior partner at Park Surgery, is encouraging people to follow safety measures but not to worry after cases rose slightly in the area.

Horsham’s highest seven day average of cases in the pandemic was 125.7 on January 1.

But this plummeted to a low of 2.6 on March 3, Government data show.

Practice manager Lucy Barber and senior partner Dr David Holwell

Since then, the seven day average of cases has crept up slightly to 3.9 on March 8, the latest available data.

Dr Holwell stressed this rise was not a cause for major concern and said Horsham’s case rate was still well below the national average.

He added: “It’s a small increase from a very good low level. We’re well below the national average.

“If there has been a small blip it just shows that everyone still does need to take the same precautions – the infection is still out there.”

The best way to keep infection rates low is to take the vaccine when it’s offered, Dr Holwell said.

He added: “Don’t worry and stay sensible. Come for your vaccine when you’re called.”

Park Surgery is currently vaccinating over-55s but will begin jabbing over 50s this week, practice manager Lucy Barber said.

Dr Holwell added: “We’re continuing to do all the people who are registered carers.”