Interactive map shows every coronavirus death in Sussex - and how we compare to the rest of the UK

The number of people to have died with coronavirus in Sussex has passed 1,000 as the county continues to count the tragic cost of the pandemic.

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, 1,080 people have now died with coronavirus mentioned on their death certificates, as of June 5.

The figures include deaths outside of hospital in settings such as care homes, hospices and at home.

Of Sussex's local authorities, Hastings has by some distance suffered the fewest number of deaths, recording just nine registered up to June 13.


Conversely, Mid-Sussex has tragically recorded the highest number, 159, although it covers a far wider area.

This interactive map shows a breakdown of all the local authorities in England and Wales, to see how Sussex's authorities compare.

So far, 50,066 people have sadly died with coronavirus mentioned on their death certificate.