More walk-in vaccination sessions taking place in Bognor this week

More walk-in vaccination sessions will be taking place at the Bognor Regis Health Centre this week, after a highly successful session on June 24.

The sessions will take place at the Bognor Regis Health Centre, on West Street, this Thursday and Friday (July 8 and 9) in an effort to get the rest of the population vaccinated before Covid restrictions lift on July 19.

Anyone aged 19-39 is welcomed to the session and people do not have to use the national booking system to arrange an appointment.

Instead, they are invited to call the local team on 0333 370 4111 to reserve a place or drop in on the day.

Covid-19 vaccination

Second doses will also be available for those who are eight weeks after their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine if they are 40 or older or in one of the initial priority groups. Those aged 39 and younger will be eligible for a second dose if it has been 12 weeks since their first.

“The local walk-in sessions have been a huge success so far and ensure everyone has the opportunity to get their Covid-19 vaccination,” said a spokesperson for Sussex Covid-19 vaccination programme.

“We’re in the final push now to ensure everyone who wants one has access to a vaccination.

“We are doing all we can to make it as easy as possible for people of all ages to come forward and we hope local sessions like these, booked through the local team will help people make arrangements for their vaccine and to turn up to have their jab.”

The walk-in sessions are the next stage of a continuing vaccination effort throughout Sussex. So far, more than 120,000 vaccines have been delivered to Bognor Regis residents in total- just a fraction of the 2.12 million vaccines given to people across Sussex.

In six months of the vaccination programme, 80 per cent of people in Bognor Regis have had their first dose and 63% have now also had their second.