Selsey volunteers printing face guards for care staff — but they need your help

A group of volunteers in Selsey have set up a face guard factory and delivery service to help carers in the area.

The group was set up 'to save lives' one founder told The Observer.

Former office worker and Selsey resident Chris Harvey, 42 said when his brother Matthew started making face guards he decided he wanted to 'get it out there'.

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He said: "We need more PPE in our communities and to make visors for free and use a crowdfunding campaign to fund it. None of the care homes have any visors at the moment. A lot of people ar going to die in care homes but the government has been too late to act.

Brothers Chris and Matthew Harvey

"We have got to try and save lives. There are lots of people at home with 3D printers, we need their help"

The scheme has already enlisted the help of five people with 3D printers and nine volunteer drivers who are helping to get the equipment to the right care homes.

Chris added: "The only way we can keep this up is to get the funds. We need some more money in the pot and more people in the community to contact us to make this a bigger thing.

"I want this to get to Piers Morgan. We shouldn't have to be printing these and we shouldn't have to ask people to put money in. The government should be putting money in."

The masks are also being delivered with a cleaning solution which helps to make the masks reusable.

"It's emotional just thinking about it," Chris added, "there are people who are willing to help and to go the extra mile."

At the time of writing, the group has raised £380 to help make the face masks. You can find a link to the page here: Making PPE for NHS