Worried health concerns could be a sign or symptom of cancer? The NHS in Sussex is there for you

Following World Cancer Day, the NHS is calling for people to come forward if they have any health concerns that could be a sign or symptom of cancer.

Key signs and symptoms to look out for
Key signs and symptoms to look out for

Whilst NHS services are busy, we are continuing to provide help and support for people worried that they may have cancer, those who need further tests and those who are undergoing treatment.

During the first wave of COVID-19 last year, NHS services in Sussex saw a drop in the number of people seeking help when they noticed worrying symptoms. There was also a drop in the number of people going to important medical appointments.

This is happening again and we are starting to see the number of people accessing help fall again.

The NHS across Sussex is calling for people to contact their GP practice if you have any worry or concerns that something you are experiencing may be cancer.

At the moment GP practices are continuing to work differently and you may be offered a phone or online appointment rather than one face to face – the important thing is that you are speaking to someone about your concerns.

In addition if you have a booked appointment for further tests or support at hospital, please make sure you attend. It could be really important.

Hospital teams are working incredibly hard to make it as safe as possible for you when you visit a hospital site. You will be advised on the steps you need to take to stay safe and the medical teams will be doing all they can to support you at this time.