Eastbourne’s Hidden Hearing staff raise money

Staff from Hidden Hearing in Eastbourne played their part in a three-month branch-to-branch charity relay recently raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK and handing out oranges.
Hidden Hearing SUS-190705-124114001Hidden Hearing SUS-190705-124114001
Hidden Hearing SUS-190705-124114001

Branch staff raised money as they pedalled on an exercise bike outside Barclays Bank in the town centre, joined by local singing group, The Voices Choir, as they cycled for cash.

But why the oranges? For some, problems with hearing may lead to social isolation or depression, both of which have been linked to an increased risk of dementia. However, a recent survey by high street hearing experts

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Hidden Hearing showed that 84 per cent of British people don’t know about the link.

Through damage caused by the disease, the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s can weigh around 140 grams less than a healthy brain – about the weight of an orange.

Hidden Hearing is on the road for three months, stopping in 49 towns and cities throughout the UK, spreading the message to test your ears at 55 years.

Audiologist Ben Wallis of Hidden Hearing in Eastbourne said, “We were thrilled to be part of the Campaign for Better Hearing Roadshow, raising funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK and talking about the links between hearing loss and health within the community. The message is simple, regular hearing checks are important and we want to encourage everyone to test their ears at 55 years.”

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The stand was busy all day with more than 200 people popping in and 40 appointments made for hearing tests.

Five people each month are also being chosen to receive a free pair of private hearing aids, thanks to Hidden Hearing’s support of the campaign.

Ben said, “Four in 10 people over the age of 50 have hearing loss and many don’t realise it. And even if they do, they may wait for up to seven years to have their hearing tested. At Hidden Hearing, we want to smash taboos and make having your ears tested just as regular an occurrence as having your eyes tested.”

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