Littlehampton mum and daughter spur each other on to lose nine stone between them with WW

A mother and daughter from Littlehampton have been losing weight together and are thrilled to have dropped nine stone between them.

Becki Mayhead and her mum Nikki Mayhead are delighted with their weight-loss success
Becki Mayhead and her mum Nikki Mayhead are delighted with their weight-loss success

Nikki and Becki Mayhead say they have changed their relationship with food since they joined WW and learned new eating habits with the help of wellness coach Dianne Hopwood.

They have spurred each other on and say it is the encouragement they give each other that has helped them on their weight-loss journey.

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Becki said: "It’s about making yourself happy and being happy with you and who you are. Having my mum on this journey with me has made it so much easier – she encourages me and spurs me on, and our wellness coach is amazing.

Becki Mayhead and her mum Nikki Mayhead are delighted with their weight-loss success

"A big part of mine and Mum’s journey is down to Dianne, without her I may have just quit but she provides us tools to help us stay focused and keep going.”

Embarrassed by a photograph of herself, Nikki decided to join WW and encouraged daughter Becki to join her as she knew she had had enough of feeling like a couch potato.

Nikki said: "In the past, I have tended to go on very full-on diets, only to then sabotage myself and put the weight back on.

"My final motivation was seeing a photograph of myself at a conference. I looked so large in the photo that I was embarrassed by it and decided that I needed to change how I looked and felt about myself. Luckily for me, Becki agreed to come along, too.”

Becki said she did not really class herself as overweight, just a slight couch potato, lacking in motivation to go out and exercise.

"I was always tired, struggled to get out of bed in the mornings, and the most exercise that I would get was from walking to and from the bus stop," she said.

"I hated going clothes shopping as I hated seeing the clothes sizes going up. My mum suggested that I go long to the Littlehamton WW studio with her and though I was reluctant, I knew that she only had my best interests at heart and I’m so grateful that she suggested it.”

Nikki, who has lost more than five stone, said the journey had been about changing her life one step at a time.

She added: "I don’t need to worry about seatbelts fitting, or my work high-vis jacket. I’m always bouncing around and full of energy. I’ve gone from a size 24 to a 14 and I can’t believe how much my body has changed.”

Becki said she had been working on shifting her mindset, which had helped her to sleep better.

Dianne said: "I am incredibly proud of Nikki and Becki. It’s been lovely to watch them embrace change, shift their mindset and find what gets them moving.

"As they continue to attend my workshops, I will keep supporting and encouraging them to continue with the fantastic work they’ve has done so far to ensure they will stay on track and take control of their goals for good.”