Has Chichester Cathedral taken inspiration from York Minster's solar panel plan?

Chichester Cathedral has said it 'could consider' installing solar panels.

It comes after York Minster — the cathedral of York — revealed solar panels were part of plans for a new café and public park.

The Minster said sustainability, biodiversity and wellbeing are 'at the heart of the proposals', which include new elements such as the creation of disabled access throughout the building and the installation of solar panels – the first anywhere in the precinct.

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Solar panels are made out of photovoltaic cells that convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral has revealed that it is an idea that could be considered but only after the completion of its roof restoration project.

A spokesperson said: "Chichester Cathedral is currently undertaking vital repairs to the roof, as it is of national importance and extremely rare.

"Beneath the current copper roof covering the cathedral houses is an exceptional example of original medieval timber roofing, with much of the original 13th century medieval roof structure survives for the entire length of the cathedral from east to west.

"The scale of this project is enormous and unprecedented for the cathedral, which receives no automatic statutory funding, and relies wholly on donations and self-generated income for its restoration needs.

"This major undertaking has been estimated at a cost of around £6 million and will take five years to complete.

"Of course, we could consider this once we could ensure our roof is repaired, as it would be virtually impossible to install safely in its current state."

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