Picture by Tony Coombes Photography
Picture by Tony Coombes Photography

Looking back at classic car show of 2011 - a Vintage Rolls Royce and an Aston Martin with an amazing story

A unique display taking in 70 years of motoring history which attracted visitors from far and wide - that was the Hooe classic car show that took place this weekend ten years ago.

By Colin Jenner
Friday, 6th August 2021, 6:51 am
Updated Friday, 6th August 2021, 6:54 am

The event was bigger and better than ever, and was going from strength to strength according to chairman Ron Wanmar.

“We had far more than we dared hope for, ” he said after Sunday’s show, which had many cars and vintage motorcycles not officially booked in.

“We already had a full programme but then people just turned up and we had to pack them in as much as we could.”

He said there was a “huge range” of vehicles from 1897 right up to the 1970s but a particular beauty was a 1947 Aston Martin which caused many an admiring jaw to drop.

It was found as scrap by the current owner who then researched it as work commenced, and he found it was specially built for the French Grand Prix.

“It is now fully restored and worth a cool £250,000, as the impressed crowd around the arena heard to its astonishment.

“He had no idea of the history when he found it, ” said Ron who was giving a running commentary throughout the day.

“I thought it was a brilliant story.”

Ron added: “It was an excellent show. I thought last year was the best but this year was even better.

“There was hard work by people who put a lot into it, and it was excellent. I would rate it one of the best we have ever done.

“We ran out of plaques and programmes, and we just didn’t realise how many people would turn up.

“But if you run a show and get a 1910 Rolls Royce turn up, you can’t say no.”

He thanked a number of helpers for their efforts - treasurer Ron Shrubb, trade stand secretary Pauline Preston, Julie and Ken Hale who organised car marshals, and George Griffin in charge of A class cars.

He said of the event which started off as a modest display in the car park of the Red Lion in Hooe but progressed to Hooe Recreation Ground:

“This has been a great success story. But I am not really surprised.

“There is a lot of people passionate about their cars, and there is a strong enthusiastic feeling towards keeping our heritage going - in many ways, without it they would have all gone to scrap.”

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