Memories of Woolworths in Worthing as workmen uncover shop sign

Workmen uncovering the old Woolworths sign in Worthing town centre has brought memories flooding back – of pick and mix, the train and scouring the cassette tapes for the latest albums.

Everyone loved Woolworths, didn't they? You could get everything in there, from DIY to school uniforms, from pads and pens to their own Crown paint.

In the early 1980s, you could even buy a Tomas moped! There was only one model available in the Worthing store but a range of colours, on sale for £150.

The mopeds were upstairs. Do you remember as you went in the front entrance from Montague Street, there was the wide staircase in front of you, in the middle of the store?

More often than not, I would use the Bath Place entrance, though, for here you could readily access the vast array of pick and mix sweets. There were loads, weren't there? Wrapped and unwrapped, you could see tubs and tubs of them.

And here at the back was also the train running around the ceiling, a great favourite and worth visiting even if you weren't buying anything. But then you usually would find something you needed!

Woolworths was the go to store for almost anything and everything and a great place to pick up stocking fillers at Christmas! It's not the same without it.

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