Old pictures of Hastings and the surrounding area feature in 1950s postcard collection being sold for charity

Old pictures showing Hastings and the surrounding area are included in a collection of postcards dating back to the 1950s that are being sold for a local charity.

Across two albums, the postcard collection features composite pictures of towns and villages in Sussex and across the UK. Every county in England is represented, bar two – Leicestershire and Rutland, and there are also postcards from Scotland and Wales.

The collection began with postcards of Rye and Battle, purchased in 1953 when the owner was living in Bexhill. The early ones were monochrome or with a brown tint and the first coloured postcard in the collection was of Bexhill and even that showed only blue.

On instructions from his wife, he has been told to dispose of 80 years of 'nerdy interests and collections', including the two albums containing more than 450 composite postcards of different towns and villages, including more than 100 of Sussex and Kent.

They were collected between 1953 and 1964, when his very patient father would pull up his two-door Hillman Husky when passing through any unrepresented village for him to spend his 3d at the local stationers.

He is happy to give the albums to anyone prepared to collect them from Slindon in exchange for an agreed donation to St Wilfrid's Hospice in Bosham. The postcard albums would need to be collected from Slindon and, preferably, kept together. To express an interest, telephone 01243 814428.