Changing the face of takeaway coffee...

Jan Wooseok has designed a new coffee lid, which he hopes will be rolled out across the globe.

In Sunchon (Korea - don't pretend you knew that), there's an industrial designer who's changing the face of takeaway coffee. Shortly, you'll see just how clever that sentence is.

Jan Wooseok has designed a new coffee lid, which although currently only a prototype, he hopes will be adopted by a chain and rolled out across the globe. Just between us, we reckon Jan's going to be disappointed.

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Have you ever thought, "much as this takeaway latte is great, I wish I could be sipping it from the lips of a Korean lady"?

If not, then Jan's plan's going down the pan. His prototype is a lid which is formed to the three-dimensional shape of a face. Not a whole face, but the nose and lips. Yes, really.

The sippy bit is in the bottom lip, so whereas the idea is that you kiss your coffee from the lips, it looks more like a bottom-lip-bite or one of those awkward Hollywood kisses which never quite connects.

If you're seeking a "visually funny" espresso experience, Jan's your man. If you'd like to feel "emotionally different" when drinking, Jan's got a plan. We are emotionally indifferent to the idea and only achieved mild levels of amusement from viewing images of the device in use. Our imagination created far better three-dimensional lid ideas.

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Jan's an inventive chap, so perhaps if the ingeniously named "Coffee Lid: Take 'Kiss' Out" doesn't go global (something must have got lost in translation - it can't sound that bad in Korean), he's got a veritable cornucopia of pointless inventions to fall back on.

Would you like a Brush Mouse for your laptop to stop your palms sweating? How about a Biker Chair for that Harley-Davidson-feel in your lounge? Maybe a pair of knickers that look like a bra? No, nor would we. Instead, let's all club together and buy Jan some sessions with a psychoanalyst.