A hippy Viking and his charming ear-worms

Richard Capener is a hippy Viking fingerstyle guitarist who, armed with his trusty Lowden guitar, delights audiences with catchy and charming ear-worms, weaving sophisticated melodies, harmonies, bass lines and percussive elements together to captivate anyone within earshot.

It’s not surprising he’s a live attraction - tall, red-haired, and sporting a long plaited beard, he cuts a striking figure, and for guitar aficionados and ‘civilians’ alike his playing will be just as impactful.

Playing with a combination of strumming, fingerstyle and tapping, peppered with harmonics and other tricks, Capener certainly has the skills, but manages to provide a performance with more than just technical merit.

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With wide musical interests and more than 30 years of exploring the guitar and composition as a self-taught musician, Richard draws his experiences and his influences together to form his punchy, expressive, and ‘mesmerising’ playing style.

Richard’s debut solo album ‘River’, a concept album, explores the river from source to sea through his swirling, lyrical and often playful guitar.

Capener genuinely captures the feeling of a summer afternoon with water trickling by.

Tickets cost £8.

Tickets and information available from www.mrsy.co.uk or 07794821454.

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