Byrd and Spry's how to guide - DIY decoration

Byrd and Spry's Ella Turner shares her DIY Easter tips.

Byrd and Spry
Byrd and Spry

I honestly can’t walk past daffodils without buying a bunch.

Who doesn’t want to bring a bit of springtime pretty inside at this time of year?

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In this creative Easter DIY, I’m going to show you how to use everyday household containers and a few clever florist tricks to make a beautiful centrepiece for your Easter table.

I’ve chosen a pretty colour palate for the flowers in this arrangement.

Choose whatever you fancy but you want to pick some with small faces like the pink wax flower, the yellow solidaster and the hyacinths and others that provide a contrast with their big faces – the ‘leading ladies’, if you will.

Here I am using some subtle pink cymbidium orchids and the bright yellow daffodils.

For my arrangement I kept it clean and simple with a white cereal bowl but have a root around your cupboards and see what you’ve got. Think outside the box – you can use all sorts of things.

To provide support for the flowers you are going to make a loose ball of chicken wire, cut to fit in your container. Make sure the container is completely dry and use some tape to secure the chicken wire. I’m using florist’s pot tape. Then add water.

Step one is to roughly fill the bowl with one of your flowers. I used the hyacinths to make this base layer. You’re aiming for a fairly even dome shape at this stage.

Next you’re going to use the small flowers to fill in the gaps. Here I used pink wax and yellow solidaster. At this stage I like to break up the neat dome with some longer stems.

Now you’re ready to add your leading ladies.

Take a look at the overall balance of colours and decide where to place some clusters of the other flowers.

I chose to have a trail of orchid extending the long line started with the solidaster.

I always like to include some seasonal foraged bits – it gives the arrangement a bit of added wildness and makes it feel more natural. Here I’m using some berried ivy with its leaves stripped off.

And you’re done. Have fun making and let me see your creations! @byrdandspry on Instagram and Facebook.