How a Sussex car lover found an Aston Martin Bulldog on the deck of new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales

When I mentioned 'look out for low flying Bulldogs' in part one this isn’t quite what I had in mind!

This week the Aston Martin Bulldog and HMS Prince of Wales, two great British icons, were brought together to showcase British engineering at its best.

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Sussex car lover's trip to see iconic Aston Martin restored to its former glory

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The newly restored Bulldog was placed on the flight deck of our latest aircraft carrier to demonstrate the engineering prowess of Great Britain and to recognise the involvement of the Navy in the project to get Bulldog to its 235MPH speed target. HMS Prince of Wales takes the navy into new realms of size and capability as indeed the Bulldog did in its time for hyper sports cars.

The Aston Martin Bulldog on the deck of HMS Prince of Wales

The next time we see Bulldog it will be on a Fleet Air Arm runway where it is planned to bring the car up to its potential top speed of 235MPH! Again, watch out for low flying Bulldogs.

Written by Mike Reed from Brighton, Vice Chairman of the Institute of the Motor Industry, Sussex Centre. and formerly with the Peugeot Service Centre in Burgess Hill