Chichester toy shops reveal most popular gifts for this Christmas

Inside Kid Stuff Toys.Inside Kid Stuff Toys.
Inside Kid Stuff Toys.
We spoke to some of Chichester toy shops on the high street, to find out what the hottest items are for Christmas 2023.

The holiday season is upon us. When we think about Christmas time, we think of gifts, family time and turkey; but what are the most popular toys this Christmas? We went to The Entertainer and Kid Stuff Toys in the city-centre to find out.

The Entertainer on 62-64 East Street, Chichester was packed when we asked manager Kylie Blackman what was on trend this year. She said: “You might be surprised, but loom bands are very popular at the moment!

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"You’ve also got Furbys that have been flying off the shelves as well. After the Barbie movie came out this year in July, we’ve seen loads of sales of the Barbie and Ken doll sales, those have been in very high demand. There is also a TV show called Gabby’s dream house, which has toys that have been on trend.

Outside the shopOutside the shop
Outside the shop

"One of the bigger house sets from that show is almost half price, which has proved to be popular among young girls.”

Kid Stuff Toys is on 53 South Street Chichester, and has the largest selection of Lego available in the whole of Chichester. Staff worker Oliver English said: “Lego is always popular in our shop. We’ve such a large collection here at the shop.”

His colleague Vicky Fagg said: “Bitty pops are very popular at the moment with children, Jelly Cats as well have been something we’ve sold a lot of.”

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