etc Magazine January edition featuring Sussex's 100 inspirational people

Welcome to the Celebrating Sussex edition, which pays tribute to 100 inspirational and remarkable people.

The cover of the January edition of etc Magazine

As you can see from our brilliant front cover, we have included a wide selection of remarkable individuals.

The process was not an easy one, as there are far more than 100 remarkable people living and working in our two wonderful counties.

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This is not a power list, nor is it a directory of the famous and well connected - it is a list of people who we truly believe do Sussex proud.

Using our network of resident experts and contacts in the community, we compiled this list over the course of five months. We went to great lengths to make sure that we included people who had made a real difference to the communities they live and work in, rather than include them because they are an international superstar or live in a grand house.

We wanted to highlight the people, regardless of whether or not they have a high profile, who have made a difference locally.

We are proud of this list as it we believe it highlights what a wonderfully vibrant place Sussex is, but there is no doubting the fact that not everybody will agree with every name we have included and there will be some people who you may think should have been included.

If you think there are people we have missed off the list then please email [email protected]k

There are, of course, our regular features including an interview with Brian McFadden so we hope you enjoying reading it.

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