Budget friendly things to do over the June half term in Sussex

Keeping little ones entertained - and away from their screens - at over the school holidays can be a tricky business if you are not looking to break the bank.

With more tourist attractions across Sussex there are now plenty more options of places to visit over the June half term.

But here are some budget-friendly ideas too which will ensure you keep your children happy and keep some money in your pocket.

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Bug hunts

Bug hunts can keep your children entertained. Picture by the National Trust

With so many beautiful woods, and the South Downs National Park quite literally on the door step in Sussex, there are plenty of places to visit and take part in a bug hunt and see what wildlife there is in the area. You can even do it in your garden.

There are plenty of downloadable bug hunt sheets you can use to help you spot the insects in your garden.

You can also take it one step further and create simple bug hotels using plant pots, stones and sticks.

Tent building

Children are naturally inclined to be active, so try to tempt them away from the screen with some challenging building projects. They can create their own play space indoors or outdoors using sheets, chairs, pegs or whatever else they can find! Their creating can also be the perfect spot for a stay-at-home picnic.


A classic favourite - and a tasty one to boot. Whether your children help you to make a gourmet meal or a calory-busting treat there are plenty of recipes and options for spending time in the kitchen.

Letting children tackle and follow instructions on their own is also a fantastic skill - with many simple ready mixed-packets available for the most novice of mini-chefs.

Wash the car

A great way to make the most of the spring sunshine is to have a sponge fight and wash the car at the same time. For a bit of excitement add water bombs and water pistols. You’ll be getting a job done as well as having fun with the children.


Why not have a disco? It’s not important if you can tap, Zumba, salsa, ballroom or belly dance. You don’t need to be a good dancer. The only thing that matters is that you’re moving.

Playing games

Games such as volleyball (you can use a balloon), ping pong and tag will get you off your seat, but if you try and add challenges to the mix, this makes things more fun. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or improve existing ones like skipping, roller skating, juggling, skateboarding, hoola hooping or ball skills.


A walk in the park is a great way of spending quality time together and getting active - with tree climbing an essential for many adventurous children. Try and vary your route to ensure that you have a mix of up and downhill walks. And of course - you can always make a local park a destination to get your children motivated.

Chalk drawings and art projects

Colourful creations on the patio can be a great way of getting your children entertained as well as getting them outside - whether they are drawing pictures, creating a hopscotch or even crafting a chalk obstacle course. But of course there is a whole world of crafting, drawing and art project which can be done indoors at minimal expense including junk modelling and creating a comic strip.

A trip to the seaside

In Sussex we are blessed with so many wonderful beaches so a trip to the coast for a walk, paddle or just throw some stones is always a winner. There are also a number of sandy beaches too - so bringing a bucket and spade to create castles and forts is also a winning formula for fun.