Jenny Bathurst: God certainly has a sense of humour

Sussex student Jenny Bathurst chronicled Covid week by week. Now she returns to share thoughts, fears and hopes.

Jenny is studying journalism at the University of Brighton.

"So, I didn’t go back to university. I suppose that’s irony for you, because of course last week I chose to write a big piece all about returning to my uni town and how the holidays always go too quick – it would have all been too perfect. God certainly has a sense of humour. For those who may have followed my story, you will know that I suffer with chronic illness which means that any ‘plans’ I have are never concrete until I’m actually doing them, because my body likes to play a game called ‘Let’s Make Jenny Feel Rubbish When She Actually Needs to Feel Great.’ The chronic fatigue and lightheaded-ness I experience on a daily basis proved too much to return to independent living at the moment so for now I’ll be doing the best I can of my degree from home.

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"I cringe writing about this because I hate to bring it up constantly like I’m on the hunt for attention. You might now be reading this thinking that surely if I didn’t want to keep mentioning it then I should talk about something else that Britons talk about like the weather or anything but my feelings, but as I’m sure many can empathise, when your world is hit by a condition or a sickness it can be a challenge to describe anything to do with your life that isn’t affected by it.

Jenny Bathurst

"It's strange really how something can consume you so entirely that it can be on your mind so regularly. Sadly it can sometimes be a medical condition or a family emergency, but in those periods where you begin a new relationship or have an exciting event to look forward to it can be not something crushing but a beautiful distraction. Society tells us to focus on the positives (unless you’re doing a lateral flow test) but it’s easier said than done to take your mind off of what is going on in your personal life and on to the things around us that we are appreciative of. This is something I know I must make every effort to do, because I am more than aware that despite how poorly I am and how tricky life can sometimes be, I am surrounded by so much to be grateful for. Even if that is eating leftover Easter chocolate and beating my boyfriend at every game on the Nintendo Switch.