Combining delicious drinks and stunning views on the first i360 Brighton Gin Tasting Flight

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There is another Brighton Gin Tasting Flight planned for September
There is another Brighton Gin Tasting Flight planned for September

It didn’t take me long to respond to an invite to taste some Brighton Gin while looking over our fantastic city from the i360 tower.

The British Airways i360 is working hard after lockdown to get people back on board and I was lucky enough to try its first new and exclusive Brighton Gin Tasting Flight last week.

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I think events like these are a great idea to entice more people to try the i360 and to get local residents to keep coming back.

Brighton Gin’s Kathy Caton spoke passionately about the ‘gift from heaven’

The gin flight saw Kathy Caton, Brighton Gin’s founder and managing director, give us an insight into the family business, which started 10 and a half years ago.

Kathy said she decided ‘Brighton needed its own gin’ when realising after a night drinking gin with friends she was still able to go for a run on the seafront. “If I had been drinking anything else, I wouldn’t have got away with it,” she said.

Brighton Gin is a real family and friends business and includes Kathy’s 78-year-old mum as production manager. Kathy told us how she thought the business may be over when the lockdown hit but it has battled through, supporting the NHS and foodbanks, and is coming out the other side, which is such great news.

Kathy is so passionate about the gin they produce and described it as ‘a gift from heaven’ before those of us on the special flight got to try it for ourselves.

On the Brighton Gin Tasting Flight on the i360

We started with a delicious and refreshing Pavilion Brighton Gin and tonic, with a slice of orange. We were then able to try the Pavilion Gin and the stronger Seaside Gin neat so we could take in the aromas.

Lastly, we were treated to Brighton Gin’s new raspberry crush cocktail.

I must confess it was my not my first time trying Brighton Gin so I already knew I was a fan. But sipping away while watching the sun set over our beautiful city made it taste even better.

The flight time was extended to 45 minutes, which was much-needed to enjoy the four gin drinks and to have a walk around and take in the views.

Cheers. Nicola with a Brighton Gin Raspberry Crush cocktail