Eastbourne Herald Christmas food reviews: Sausage sushi

The Eastbourne Herald reporting team has been trying out the latest festive treats throughout December.

From crisps to pizzas and soups, we have been reviewing Christmas goodies on video.

Tuesday, December 14: Pigs in snowy blankets

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PRICE: £3 from Sainsbury’s

The Eastbourne Herald team tries the Christmas sausage sushi from Sainsbury's SUS-211214-140642001

Sainsbury’s has released a sausage sushi roll for the festive season. The roll consists of pork sausage, bacon, sushi rice, cranberry chutney, sweet chilli sauce, crispy onions and paprika flakes.

When I saw this on the shelf I was really excited, as it was a unique Christmas snack to try, but at the same time I dreaded the thought of a Christmas sausage sushi roll.

When I first opened the container I was pleasantly surprised with the smell, although substituting the sausage for salmon or tuna did look wrong.

Following my first bite I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it. It wasn’t something that reminded me of Christmas, but it was a nice snack.

The sushi rice perhaps let the roll down a bit, it was quite hard (although this could have been because it had been on a refrigerated shelf at Sainsbury’s all day).

When the camera wasn’t rolling I tried some of the sushi with soy sauce, but please learn from my mistakes and leave the roll as it is. Sausage, bacon, cranberry chutney and soy sauce is a cocktail that should never see the light of day.