Here are the most read Crawley Observer stories this year

As 2021 comes to an end, we took a look at some of the most popular Crawley Observer stories of the year.

Retro pictures, national stories, animals and big events caught the eyes of our readers.

Here is a run down of our most read stories.

New street art, thought to be a Banksy, appeared on a wall in Crawley in August

We found a treasure trove of pictures more than a decade a ago of nightclub pictures. These were taken at Liquid Envy. The first one we ran was shared all over social media with friends tagging each other in them. We ran a few more galleries after which were equally as popular.

One of the biggest news stories this year was was queues at petrol stations because or issues with deliveries. Our daily updates of where you could get fuel in Crawley proved popular with readers.

The artwork, opposite the Downsman Pub car park in Collier Row, was spotted by Anna Warner, who believes she is the first to see it. She believes that Banksy – who she said was a vegan – could have stopped at a nearby plant-based restaurant for a meal before deciding to paint the piece.

People love seeing pictures of dogs, and these ones were available for rehoming from the RSPCA.

Just like the nightclub photos, this retro picture gallery of new starters from 14 years ago was popular among our readers. Again friends were tagging each other in them on social media. We ran a number of galleries along with reto Nativity pictures, which also went down well.

Seymour School in Broadfield sent a letter marked Playground Etiquette, home to parents asking to dress appropriately for pick-ups and it added: "Wearing clothes that are too skimpy or for other times of day is not setting a good example.” The Sun and the Daily Mail both run stories on the letter and reaction to it. This generated a lot of comments on our Facebook page

The first ever Pride event ion Crawley was hugely popular. We were there on both days and got some great feedback. This picture gallery was well-received.

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in Covid case numbers across the town. Our weekly update kept readers informed of the numbers in each neighbourhood.

Another picture gallery from Crawley Pride 2021. It was a wonderful event.

We regularly ran lists of top places to go out for eating and drinking in Crawley, based on Google reviews and Tripadvisor. The top restuarants story is a story readers keep going back to!