Look at the naughtiness of that!Look at the naughtiness of that!
Look at the naughtiness of that!

Review: The Breakfast Club Collaborates With Tony's Chocolonely to create superb pancakes

The Breakfast Club has three specials, we tried the two main pancakes to find out just how good this collaboration could be – and we weren’t disappointed.

The Breakfast Club describe themselves as a ‘comfort food caf’ to serve the local community. They came out with three new specials, working with Tony’s Chocolonely to make some indulgent pancake day treats.

This included the Phantom Raspberry Blower Of Old London Town, which is inspired by Tony’s Strawberry Cheesecake & Raspberry White Chocolate bar. It also included the Chocolate & Bacon Bananaganza, inspired by Tony’s Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel bar. Between the 13th to the 29th of February, you can get your hands on these as well as a kids pancake on offer too. The adult specials are £14.

I went in there last weekend to try out the two monstrous pancakes at their Brighton location, on 16-17 Market Street. Having seen the advertising photos for these, I’d been so excited to take a bite and find out what these were like.

Let’s begin, I walked in and admittedly had never been to a Breakfast Club location, but instantly felt a comforting, relaxed diner vibe that was relatable to something like Denny’s in the USA, only better. I was greeted by friendly staff members who showed me to a booth, right near where all the drinks were being made. It was a great spot to look at the retro decor and see how the kitchen and staff worked.

You could immediately tell this place was well run, operating like a well-oiled machine to get hungry customers served. The two pancakes arrived in 15 minutes at most and looked (dare I say) better than the already visually appealing advertisements I had seen about them.

I started with the Chocolate & Bacon Bananaganza, which sees pancakes topped with caramelised banana, candied bacon, vanilla cream, drizzled with a salted caramel Tony’s chocolate sauce and topped with crumbled Tony’s salted caramel chocolate chunks. The presentation on this was mouth-watering and a delight for the eyes. I tried everything together and had one conclusion for this. Phenomenal.

If you have a sweet tooth and passion for chocolate like me, this is the one for you. The candied bacon added a pleasing crunch alongside the soft fluffy pancakes and elevated this one to a whole new level of naughtiness. The vanilla cream also contributed to giving these pancakes celebrity status in their own right, the whole thing was luxury to say the least, with no corners cut.

Next up was the Phantom Raspberry Blower Of Old London Town. My girlfriend had this one but I managed to get a good few bites of it. This particular pancake consisted of fresh raspberry pancakes, with a berry ripple cheesecake mix, topped with raspberry cream and coulis, melted Tony’s white chocolate and finished with fresh strawberries and raspberries.

This was gorgeous. The fresh fruit made it a slightly less chocolatey pancake, but it still maintained the same level of indulgent naughtiness of the other special. The white chocolate and all of Tony’s chocolate is so rich and flavoursome, the white chocolate pieces really added to the flavour and made it a hit.

Overall, you wouldn’t go wrong with getting one of these and we loved every minute of the food.

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