How did Sussex contestant Jürgen get on with his biscuit creations in week two of The Great British Bake Off

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched last night's Great British Bake Off yet (Tuesday, September 28 episode) you may want to come back to this story later.

Jürgen from Brighton is appearing on The Great British Bake Off

It was week two of The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4 last night and it was biscuit week. Following the excitement of week one when Jürgen Krauss, who lives in Brighton, was named star baker, there was much anticipation to see if he could maintain his high standards.

And he did. Jürgen was named star baker for a second week in a row.

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Jürgen, 56, was top of the bake off class once again thanks to his 'lovely and thin' brandy snaps in the first round, which got him a handshake from presenter Matt Lucas, who quipped 'it means nothing from me'.

Jürgen then took top spot in the technical with his jammy biscuits before wowing the judges with his gingerbread Grandpa's Windmill, his take on a childhood toy, made from biscuit but with an interactive element.

While Jürgen was named star baker for a second week, it was contestant Jairzeno who was sent home.

Jürgen and his journey to the famous tent

Jürgen couldn't have wished for a better start on the show but he has admitted he questioned whether he really wanted to do it when the call came through.

Jürgen from Brighton pictured with Matt Lucas on the set of The Great British Bake Off

When asked what his reaction was when he got the call to confirm his place, Jürgen said: "When the call came, I had a whole mix of feelings: being very excited, the floor dropping under my feet, and: Do I really want to do this."

Thankfully, he did take up his place and he has spoken about seeing the famous Bake Off tent for the first time.

He said: "Seeing the tent for the first time, going into it and touching those benches. From then on it felt real. On the first day of filming - entering the tent for the first day of the competition, it was very different from what I expected. We were all very excited and were a very chatty group. This helped feeling relaxed despite being the focus of every person on the set."

Asked about his baking skills, Jürgen has admitted his weakness is floral decoration. He said his strengths were flavours and creams and if he was a showstopper, he said: "I would be some kind of mirror-glazed entremet with many layers and textures inside. Simple, but effective, with some hidden complexity."

As for bakers from previous Bake Offs that have inspired Jürgen, he said: "Hermine with her flavours, and Yan with her scientific approach."

Baking for friends and family

Jürgen is originally from the Black Forest in Germany, but he moved to the UK in 2003 and now lives with his wife and son in Brighton.

Unable to find traditional German bread in his adopted home, Jürgen decided to bake his own – and his passion for baking has grown ever since. He is particularly well-known for his Jewish challah bread, and for the celebration cakes that he loves to bake for friends and family.

And during lockdown, Jürgen admitted: "My family was very cautious, we avoided shops where we could. As a result I baked every bread and cake we ate during lockdown. And my baking certainly improved as a result."

IT professional Jürgen is also an accomplished trombonist – a talent that he is proud to have passed on to his son.

Asked what a selfie biscuit of himself would look like, Jürgen said: "Me, holding a trombone, in front of rolling hills. I love playing music, and I love to be in nature."

Sounds great to us Jürgen!