Activity is good for end consumer

A flurry of activity in the mortgage market this week as a number of lenders reduce their rates.

Virgin Money, NatWest, Accord Mortgages and Platform are a few of the lenders who have cut various rates in their product offerings.

This follows decreases in both LIBOR and SWAP rates (in the main, measures against which banks lend each other money).

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This is good for the end consumer and I’ve even heard whispers that this could lead indirectly to a Bank Base Rate cut shortly…!!

Who knows, as uncertainty seems to the only certainty in the financial sector!

Personally, I’m not sure a cut is a good thing right now, but with many companies struggling to survive and some big casualties (JJB the most recent noticeable) it will be welcomed by all those on sitting on a bank base rate tracker.

I mention credit scoring/searching quite a bit, but it really is so important in the current financial world to lenders when they are deciding to lend to you, or not!

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Most lenders credit score applications based upon the amount of credit you have, whether you are on the electoral role and your recent payment profile on any existing credit.

The number of recent credit searches you have on file will also have an impact.

Nearly all financial institutions will register a search against you. So, if you have recently updated your car insurance, home insurance, taken out a mobile contract and just got a new credit/debit card, that’s possibly four new searches in a short amount of time!

If the computer says ‘no’, you will tend to find most high street lenders doors shut to you.

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But fear not, if you have a reasonable deposit and can prove all income, there are lenders who do not credit score, but will manually review and underwrite affordable applications on an individual basis. AToM has access to a number of these lenders so don’t despair if the high street lender’s computer says no, give us a call to see if we can assist.

Dale Jannels - AToM director

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