Blokes in pink shirts

In February Cancer Research UK announced that breast cancer now affects one in eight women, an increase from one in 20 during the 1960s. It’s now the foremost cancer in the UK.

Henry Adams office staff have therefore chosen to support Breast Cancer UK and will be joining the ‘Blokes in Pink Shirts’ campaign on Thursday 31st March along with Leaders. Staff in the Bognor, Rose Green and Middleton-on-Sea branches of Henry Adams will all be wearing branded pink polo shirts to raise both awareness and much needed funds to support the charity’s work.

The ‘Blokes in Pink Shirts’ campaign is the brainchild of local contractor David Coppard after he discovered so many organised sponsored walks were restricted to women only. “We’ve all got mums, sisters and partners and everyone knows someone who’s been affected. We want to do our bit to raise awareness and you can’t miss these pink shirts!” said David.

Breast Cancer UK aims to challenge attitudes about breast cancer and to establish the view that it’s a disease which is preventable rather than inevitable. With as many as 90 per cent of cases caused by non-hereditary factors, the charity believes hazardous chemicals and environmental factors in our everyday lives have led to the increase in cases and they lobby Government and the EU to ban toxic substances.

Alan Frost, Head of Residential Sales at Henry Adams is keen to support the campaign as his sister has recently been affected by breast cancer.

Alan commented: “It really hits home when a close family member is diagnosed with breast cancer. Although my sister has had marvellous treatment, the drugs she’s been prescribed simply wouldn’t have been around if the money wasn’t available for research to beat this awful disease.”

“It’s incredibly important to continue to raise awareness and contribute to the work being done by cancer charities,” said Alan.

“By joining the ‘Blokes in Pink Shirts’ campaign we’ll be having a bit of fun while we do just that.”

Henry Adams have bought the pink shirts for their staff and a proportion of the cost is donated to Breast Cancer UK. Staff and visitors are also welcome to add a donation, however small, in each of the participating branches.

For further information, contact Steve Tickner, partner at Henry Adams Rose Green, on 01243 263789 or [email protected] or to donate directly visit