New data reveals West Sussex residents are the savviest savers when it comes to energy bills – and the devices that cost you the most

Experts are warning we could be hit with high energy bills once more this winter, meaning many will continue to find ways to save money where they can.

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According to new data revealed by the comparison experts at Bionic, the top regions with the 'savviest savers' have been revealed by looking at search trends for those searching for energy prices and comparison tools.

Using search trend data, Bionic were able to rank the regions into a score which represented values on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 is the location with the most demand for these searches.

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West Sussex was the region with the ‘savviest savers’. The county had a search score of 100, ahead of Hampshire in second (93).

West Sussex revealed as the savviest savers when it comes to energy bills, as these devices cost you the mostWest Sussex revealed as the savviest savers when it comes to energy bills, as these devices cost you the most
West Sussex revealed as the savviest savers when it comes to energy bills, as these devices cost you the most

Greater Manchester, North East Lincolnshire (both 92) and Suffolk (87) rounded out the top five.

Comparison experts at Bionic have also revealed the energy-draining devices that you should turn off when not in use, helping you save hundreds of pounds annually.


It’s a known fact that you can’t unplug your fridge when you are not using it, but routinely clearing it can help it be more energy efficient.

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By clearing it out, you can ensure the cooling system doesn’t get affected and that your fridge doesn’t need to use extra energy to keep your food cold.

But bear in mind that your fridge needs to be about two-thirds full to run at its most efficient. This leaves enough space to let the air to circulate freely inside while also enough items to help with cooling so the system doesn’t have to work harder.


Whilst your kettle isn’t a huge energy consumer, switching it off when you aren’t using it can help save you money. By boiling the kettle with the right amount of water for your drink, you can also help save on your energy as your kettle won’t need to boil unnecessary amounts. Kettles use on average 0.3kWh of energy, which when left on all year, according to Ofgem, will add £37.23 to your annual bill.

Phone and laptop chargers

Whilst we work from home with a new hybrid working model, many of us leave our chargers plugged in ready for when we need to charge. Leaving your charger plugged in all day can add around £15 to your annual bills, and you aren’t even charging your device!

Gaming consoles

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Whilst many of us love our video games, leaving your games console plugged in can cost around £5 a day as they consume 15kWh per hour when on standby! So when you aren’t playing the latest release, we suggest turning it off at the plug to save some extra money.

Les Roberts, business comparison expert at Bionic, added: “We can often forget that when we turn devices off, they are left on standby and continue to use energy.

“The best way to combat this is to remember to turn non-essential electricals off at the plug. It can save you hundreds of pounds annually and only takes two seconds.

“It’s a particularly helpful tip as we continue to see warnings ahead of what will be an uncertain winter with inflation continuing to increase and many people looking at ways to save on energy tariffs.”

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