Free outdoor events to take place in Eastbourne

A number of free outdoor events will be held throughout this month in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne’s Summer Sundae DJ Set kicked off on July 4 and will be returning on July 11 and 18.

The event will happen from 12pm-5pm in front of the Towner and Congress Theatre.

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Eastbourne’s Summer Sundae Weekender is also set to take place across July 24-25, starting from midday.

Eastbourne Summer Sundae Weekender. SUS-210507-154847001

The event, which will include live performances, food and drinks, will also be held in front of the gallery and theatre.

On the opening day visitors will be treated to Comedy Cavemen from Enter Edem.

As part of the act, cavemen characters spread an environmental message as they tell the tale of their time spent frozen in ice only to be awoken into a world of plastic problems.

Beautiful Creatures Threatre’s Rat Choc Chip will also be performed in which an ice cream vendor desperately attempts to keep her rodent problem out of sight of the health inspector.

Walkabout show Do Do Rider from Dizzy O’Dare will also take to the stage on Saturday as well as puppet show Tweethearts from Rust and Stardust.

Flying Bazazi Brothers from Nearly There Yet is also going to be performed on Saturday.

A spokesperson from the Summer Sundae Weekend said, “The Bazazi Brothers style is part Cirque du Soleil, part Tom Jones – with a little Swayze thrown in for good measure.”

The fun continues the following day as Beautiful Creatures Theatre returns with Bell Orchestra, an interactive musical game for families that invites audience members to come together to play melodies on a set of giant chimes.

JukeBoxes from Bootwork Theatre will also take to the stage as two performers re-create classic pop music videos in a lip-syncing musical medley.

SEEING RED, a story-telling and puppet show from Frolicked, will also be performed as well as Comedy Caveman from Enter Edem.

Arbor The Tree, from award-winning puppetry and theatre company Smoking Apples, will also be performed for visitors.