Meet the showjumper working with One Direction's Liam Payne

Yazmin Pinchen, 26, has been riding horses since the age of three.
Picture: Chloe BowmanPicture: Chloe Bowman
Picture: Chloe Bowman

Her first taste of success came when she was 12 and won a gold medal for England as part of the ‘International Pony Team’.

“I started at pony clubs so didn’t go straight in with money,” she said.

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“You do need money to compete, as you need trainers and the owners behind you.”

Yazmin is currently competing on a five-year-old stallion called Tommy, who is known in the ring as Titanium Z.

It was bought for her by former One Direction band member Liam Payne.

She said: “When I first heard he was looking into purchasing a horse for me to ride I think I screamed a lot with excitement.

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“It was so amazing to think he thought of me as a good enough rider to ride for him and to represent him in the showjumping industry.

“I am totally honoured to ride in his logo and produce his horse, it’s something I am forever grateful for that he believed in me and my journey to the Olympics.”

The professional partnership Yazmin said came through a few common connections.

“He owns a few horses so he knows about the showjumping world. I am still overwhelmed with the partnership with Liam.”

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She added: “I have a great partnership with him, we work closely together to form a plan for Tommy.

“I will always let him know of shows I plan to go to and I send him every video from every round I do.

“I am really lucky that Liam is passionate about our sport and the producing of young horses to get to top level.

“Liam is very laid back and is just enjoying seeing his horse progress.”

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Her passion for showjumping came from her parents. Growing up she was always surrounded by horses and can remember watching her mum compete.

“My mum and the showjumpers who rode our horses inspired me.

“But I have always loved horses and I was just fortunate enough that my parents were also interested.”

Yazmin , who lives in Rusper, has competed internationally in nations cups, 5* global tours,and world cup shows.

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On turning professional she said: “Becoming a professional show jumper didn’t come easy, a lot of work and sacrifices came.

“I left school early and didn’t continue for college which meant I dropped my social life from school to pursue my dreams. Of course I made amazing friends from the showjumping world but I had to make decisions young.

“I rode for GB when I was only 13 years old and from that moment I knew I wanted to ride professionally and ride the Olympics.”

Her goal is to get selected for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, which takes place from Friday, 24 July and ends on Sunday, 9 August.

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The competitive sport of showjumping is riding horses over a course of fences and other obstacles in an area, with penalty points for errors.

Yazmin said on competing: “I love the adrenalin from showjumping.

“Riding into a large arena with the crowd cheering you on.

“Having a connection with an animal that trusts you to jump a 1.60 fence for me is the winner, that’s something I am amazed at.

“When you’re in the arena, anything on your mind just enter a new place and the adrenalin takes over and you feel alive.

“That drives me to continue, no matter what is going on in your world.”

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