Dogs Trust Shoreham dog of the week: Meet Zara a gentle-natured Borzoi

Zara is a loving one-year-old seeking a family to help develop her confidence.

Zara loves giving 'paws to shoulders' hugs
Zara loves giving 'paws to shoulders' hugs

Staff at the rehoming centre say that this kind-hearted and beautiful borzoi adores affection and loves to spend lots of time cuddling her favourite people.

Zara, although loving, has a few fears and qualms about the world around her.

Meeting new people is a big deal for Zara and she is particularly nervous around men.

A patient and gentle approach is needed to build up Zara’s trust in you.

Zara’s perfect home would be quite and peaceful with no other pets, no residents under the age of 16 and a garden where she can roam freely.

Zara is unsure around most dogs, but is especially worried around larger breeds, or those of a boisterous character.

So that she can avoid bumping into them unexpectedly, her adopters should choose quieter walking areas, or take her exploring at quieter times of the day.

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