17 photos: Empty shops in Chichester 'concerning' for residents

Locals have voiced their complaints about the amount of empty shops in Chichester.

A new study by online supermarket Britsuperstore has revealed Chichester to have the third highest number of empty shops in the UK, with 39.2 empty shops per 100,000 people - three times the national average of 13 empty shops per 100,000 people.

Many locals across the city frequently herald the ‘decline’ of the high street. In a Sussex World news story about empty shops last year, reader Pip Otton said: “Chichester is dying.”

Residents are ‘concerned’ with these new statistics for the West Sussex city. Other commenters spoke about the ‘need’ for a park-and-ride into the city as well as lower parking fees.

Reader Kerry Poat said for her to come into the high street, there needs to be “more independent shops, less big chain like every other high street. Fewer Traffic queues to get in there in the first place and much less empty shops.”

More updates to follow.

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