Brand New Animal Clothing Store to open in Chichester high street

Animal Clothing.Animal Clothing.
Animal Clothing.
There’s set to be a brand-new store coming to the Chichester high street. Animal clothing is set to take the city by storm.

Their journey commenced in 1987 in the South West, where two surfers pioneered their inaugural product. The brainchild of these visionaries, the ‘Hook and Loop’ watch strap, swiftly garnered attention within the surfing and action sports community for its durable and cool design. It was during this period that the Animal brand was conceived, marking the onset of an iconic adventure.

Over the ensuing three decades, they have been able to grow their roots in board sports, evolving into a prominent lifestyle clothing brand for kindred spirits embracing a free-spirited ethos.

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They say that they draw inspiration from their coastal origins and are in line with the contemporary needs of their customers. Their new store in East Street, Chichester is set to take the high street by storm.