Eastbourne pensioners ‘upset’ by sudden end of food deliveries

Sheltered residents have been left in the lurch after their food deliveries stopped abruptly.

The Cooperative on Framfield Way, near the DGH, has stopped delivering food to the sheltered housing across the road, leaving residents ‘very upset’.

St Clements Court is a complex of independent flats for residents aged 60 and above.

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Until this week, residents could ring up and have food delivered.

This was a lifeline for many, due to many residents struggling with mobility, not having family to help them, and the recent lockdown restrictions.

Margaret Clough, an 86-year-old resident, said, “Up to now they’ve been very good. I’m not very mobile, that’s why it’s so useful.

“To us, it’s been a godsend.”

However, when Margaret rang up the store on Monday (October 5), she says she was told that due to ‘insufficient staff’ they are no longer able to offer this service – a change that was to come into effect immediately.

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They told her that all orders needed to be done online, something a lot of residents simply don’t have access to.

There are around 50 residents living in the court.

“We provide quite of lot of business for them, but that’s obviously not enough,” she said.

“We can’t just pop out. I know it doesn’t seem much, but to us it is very important. We’re very upset.”

The group are now having to come up with alternative arrangements. Some rely on family, Margaret herself pays someone to do the shopping for her.

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“Other people have relatives, I don’t. Co-op should think about their customers more, and to me, they’re not.”

A Co-op spokesperson said, “Co-op colleagues have gone to great lengths to keep communities fed during this unprecedented time. We’re always keen to help all of the most vulnerable.

“Co-op has introduced a community shopping card for those self-isolating or unable to leave their home which enables friends, neighbours, relatives or volunteers to shop on their behalf.

“The card can be purchased or topped up by calling 08000294592. Where a member of the community has no one who can help them, we will also endeavour to locate a volunteer in the community through our network of member pioneers, which is something we’re looking at for these individuals.”

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